Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Follow me please

As The Pop would say, "I'm the firster (leader?), you're the follower."
I have moved blog to
Please pack your suitcases & I'll see you there!
Em xx

Thursday, 31 December 2009


Is this really a new decade??
I think I'm with the 'its not a new decade until 2010 is over' brigade.

But as we are all celebrating a new decade, I suppose I must embrace it and look forward to the 10's.... like ok, what are we gonna call it now?

Like all of us 2010 will bring many exciting times ahead, for me it will bring this...

-My return to work. April will see me return to my job as an editor of a wedding magazine. Although I love my job, it's never going to make me a stay at home millionaire and somehow this year I already find myself longing for something new. I have a few ideas up my sleeve, so stay posted!( And for those of you who can see my grammar and spelling is not great- piss off! We have a great proof reader!)
-Lots of firsts. Halfway through the year my beautiful son will be one. I am looking forward to everyone of these firsts! Like really looking forward to them.
-Ten years with my man. It's only one more than last year, but I'm hoping and praying that one more year will mean so much more!!
-Four years of being a mummy. I hear about people I went to school with, lawyers, accountants, physio's.... none of them have become mothers yet- I bet when they do they will think 'you know what that weirdo Emma Maxwell who had a kid at 22 wasn't so mad after all!' My Popple I love you more than everything, you are my life always.
-Lots of laughter. I wish for LOTS of this! It makes the world go round!
-Just a good time & normalness- I don't wish for buckets of money, plane loads of holidays, cow sheds full of leather handbags, all I want is a good, normal, happy family life with my perfect family..... one that may expand ever so slightly in 2010 if I have my way.
To you all, may your dreams be simple, beautiful & come true for you xx

Friday, 11 December 2009

Goodbye my good friend

At times I think I was really meant to have been born male.
Today this is very appropriate... this little car- a black 2003 VW Golf, 130bhp, etc etc, brought me so much joy!
I loved this car, it was the first car himself and I bought (Ok, he paid for it, but it was 'ours'), our first family car, the car we brought the Pop home from the hosp in & the car in which I learnt that I really loved cars!
I was proud of this car. To drive about and be seen in it gave me a certain kind of thrill! It was good, I loved it!

Goodbye my lovely Golf, if we could afford to insure you you would still sit in my rented driveway, unfortunately, you cost too much so you have been banished to live out your life with a young lad from Co. Louth!
Mr co Louth dweller, be good to her. She is the best!!

Friday, 16 October 2009

Poo, pee & baby Watch

I am currently very tied up in three separate operations.

Wee Man hasn't pooed in four days now. Much prune juice has been administered but still no movement. I have had to call the doc this morning and now there is a prescription waiting on me for lactalose. I really hate the thought of giving him this so tea time is make or break time. If we still have no movement at 6pm I am going to have to give him some of the sickly poo inducing liquid.

The Bubble has been out of nappies since Easter. All was going very well with very rare accidents until a month ago when she decided it was a great idea to pee herself everyday in nursery. She was so delighted to tell me everyday that she had did it. This happened at home too, until Monday when she was watching TV whilst lying in my bed. She was totally awake, alert and in a suitable position to go to the bathroom. But no instead she just sat her ground and peeed all over my bed. I was SO cross. I stripped her clothes of her and put her in her room. she dared to come out once only to be guldered at by me. Once I had calmed down I explained she couldn't do that ever again because a.pee makes you smell and makes mummy very sad (Ok, maybe this was wrong!) .
So far thought this incident and further talking to has cured it with no accidents at nursery and none at home either. She delighted in telling me all week that she didn't pee herself in nursery too. So all in all after Meltdown Monday we have both been pretty happy :) Not to mention my washing machine which hasn't seen much action since Monday either!

I have no control over this. My mate/sister-in-law's baby was due on Wednesday. My heart has skipped a beat everytime the phone rings, but as off 5 minutes ago she has moved nowhere. She assures me the hospital bag has been repacked several times and the bottle of witch hazel is in the firdge awaiting her return, but still nothing....

Once all Operations have successfully been completed I will let you all know :)

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

step back and be thankful

I've spent the last hour browsing blogs I like to read about parenthood, screaming toddlers and the brilliance of cbeebies. I have to say I have really enjoyed the last hour.

I spent six hours today browsing the web searching for clothing and accessories for the magazine I am working on at the minute. I didn't enjoy those six hours.

Skip back four years in my life I could have spent six days looking for winter coats, woolly hats and delicious two-months-of-my-wages Mulberry handbags.

This has made me take a step back, look at my life and be utterly thankful for everything I have- my amazing partner (he's 30- too old to be my bf!), two priceless children, my own home (ok, rented but still mine) and all in all a very happy life. A life that I would look at and envy.

Ok, so at the minute I can't use my switch card because it would positively melt and I still don't own matching bedlinen (see previous post) but I have everything I will ever need.

Next week himself and I will celebrate our 9th anniversary (over a half price bottle of wine no doubt), four months ago we shared a bottle of half price wine and remembered our friend, G, now dead 9 years.

I fainted when I was told he was dead, my bestmate almost crumbled. But himself was there for both of us and G now looks after all three of us. For if he was still with us, himself and me would not be together, we would have probably never felt the love of a child and my bestmate wouldn't be due to give birth to her first child any day now.

It's harsh to admit it, but without his death all these positive things would never have happened.

I often talk to him, just say hello how are you, and I know he's always there watching all we do and watching over us, caring for us.

When I think of the young life lost it really makes me sad to the pit of my stomach. When I visited his grave last week I again nearly fainted. The pain we felt was unreal.

But without pain you can never feel happiness. And so when something triggers thoughts of him in my mind I send him my thanks for all my happiness.

Step back and smile about what you have, otherwise we're all dead.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Nine reasons why I love him so...

*I started this blog post a month ago, it's been sitting in my draft box for that long!*

We are now on the eve of my favourite month of the year, October. I love this time of year because the weather starts to get colder, the night time seems to last longer, I have a good excuse to buy cosy and warm clothes and the onset of October means Halloween is nearly here.
I love the celebration of Halloween, as even thought I am the biggest scardy cat alive I love how the night itself is always crisp and clear and very very dark.
October is also the anniversary of me & himself, nine whole years together, from I was 16 and he was 21.

At times when I think back to 9 years ago it seems like a lifetime away, other times it seems like yesterday. With 9 being my favourite number I think this year we are on a high, a high that is only going to get higher and higher....

1. I love that he loves chocolate more than any woman I know.
2. I love that he thinks I am a great cook and can cook his steak better than any chef!
3. I love that we can snuggle up on the sofa and just laugh about our life and the crazy things we do together and just be happy doing that.
4. I love that together we have made two amazing children.
5. I love that there is a very high possibility we will make more soon ;)
6. I love that we share our dreams and try to carry them out.
7. I love we share memories of things we have done together that no-one else will ever know about.
8. I love that he works so hard for our family. (who else's hubby sometimes works an 80 hour week!?)
9. And finally I love him most for just being him. The original joy to my life :)
Happy anniversary hon xxx

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Am I a breastfeeding cheater?

There we go I’ve done it again…………
No, not ran off into the hills with a tall, dark and handsome stranger………..
I’ve given my ten week old baby boy a bottle of FORMULA! And I feel very guilty about it, so guilty I often have conversations with myself in my head over why I’ve been secretly doing it. I haven’t even told my closest friend I do it. It really does sound like I have a very dark secret lurking behind my blue/green eyes- but no, atm my only shameful secret is that I have given my baby a bottle of formula milk.
Here’s how my guilty secret started…
At six months old my first baby had never taken a bottle. Full stop. Never a bottle of anything, not my pumped momma milk, not formula, nothing! And it wasn’t for the lack of trying, I tried, oh boy, I tried, but she was a persistent little bugger. It was something I vowed to change second time around. So, once the wee man reached six weeks I tried to pump milk. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. I couldn’t get any milk. (turns out it was my pump, not me) by week seven of his life I was getting itchy feet fretting that I’d missed the boat on the bottle front, so I tried him with 2oz of formula- just until I got the pumping established. Understand?
Well, three weeks on, the new pump still takes pride of place on my hall table, boxed in all it’s newness and instead I now give the wee man a bottle of formula every couple of days. He gulps down the 3oz I allow him in seconds. And for a split second I feel good that ‘yes he is still taking it.’ Seconds later I feel bad that I have given it to him and I don’t even know why, it’s not that I’m pumping petrol into his body through the tempting allure of a Nuk latex teat, it’s just because I feel bad for wanting him to take a bottle in the first place.
I only want him to take a bottle so that if the situation arises I will be able to leave him for an evening. One evening. That’s all. I don’t even know that this evening or event will ever occur, but if it does I’m going to be a good girl scout and ‘be prepared!’

I think the real reason I’m finding this situation so frustrating is because I like to moan and dare I say bitch about women who won’t even give breastfeeding a try. A friend of mine is due to give birth in a couple of weeks and I know she would rather die than breastfeed, her view is “Whats the point in me doing it when he can do it from a bottle?”
This view makes me sad because I know she will never feel certain things breastfeeding mothers feel. Amongst others the satisfaction you feel why the scales read WWWWAAAAYYYY over the weight the baby started at and you know that was all down to you. That’s a moment when you can feel very very smug!
When did parenthood get so thought-provoking? (Humphhhhh... & folded arms)